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Application Of Sulfobutyl Beta-cyclodextrin
- Jan 05, 2019 -

Sulfobutyl beta-cyclodextrin (SBE-β-CD) is an anionic, highly water-soluble β-CD derivative that binds well to drug molecules to form non-covalent complexes, thereby enhancing the drug's Stability, water solubility, safety, reducing nephrotoxicity, easing the hemolytic properties of drugs, controlling the rate of drug release, masking bad odors, etc. Compared with β-CD, it has better water solubility, and has less hemolytic effect and low nephrotoxicity. It is a new type of pharmaceutical excipient with broad application prospects.
1. Application in injections: Solubilizers, stabilizers, improve the solubility and stability of poorly soluble drugs, and develop insoluble drugs into injections. (Example: Increasing the solubility of docetaxel, voriconazole, ibuprofen, indomethacin with SBE-β-CD; improving the stability of carmustine with SBE-β-CD)
2, the role of the application in oral preparations: solubilizers, stabilizers, improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs (Example: with sulphur cinnarizine, danazol, prednisolone, pula with SBE-β-CD Gray's bioavailability)
3, the role of application in ophthalmic preparations: solubilizers, stabilizers, reduce drug irritation (Example: using SBE-β-CD to improve the stimulation of pilocarpine, dipivoxil, balofloxacin, acyclovir and Stability)
4, the role of application in nasal preparations: increase the permeability of the nasal mucosa, improve the solubility and stability of the drug, improve the metabolic rate of the drug at the target of administration (example: increase the dissolution of imidazoline with SBE-β-CD Sex and stability)
5, ointment Function: improve the solubility and stability of the drug (example: improve the solubility and stability of nimesulide with SBE-β-CD)

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