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Find the 2,3,4-TRIFLUOROPHENYLACETICACID 243666-12-8 products at Zaiqi Bio-Tech, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in this field.
CAS No.: 243666-12-8

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Should you're in need of 2,3,4-TRIFLUOROPHENYLACETICACID 243666-12-8, welcome to contact Zaiqi Bio-Tech. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China as well as a professional contract research organization at your service at any time.



CAS Number


Catalog   Number





White powder

Molecular   Formula


Molecular Weight




COA and   Spectra

Available upon request

Shelf time

Two years


Aluminum foil bag/fluoride bottle/drum




How can Shanghai Zaiqi ensure security of IP (Intellectual property)?

During the past decade, we have established business relationship with hundreds of customers in domestic and overseas market on both exclusive and non-exclusive contract levels. 

For exclusive contract, two set of NDA (non-disclosure agreement),one set signed by customers and our company, one set signed by all project related techniciansand our company, are required prior to the start of contract service.

In addition, company has implemented a range of measures in protecting confidential information and IP in daily operation. 

Training inhow to handle confidential information;

Detailed regulation in handling and protection of confidential information indicated employee handbook;

Non-disclosure fees are inclusive in employees’ salary;

Last but not least, we are proud that our layoff rate of R&D employees are at a low level of 10% during the past two years.

Does Shanghai Zaiqi has custom manufacturing service (CMS)?

With the existing production capability of our manufacturing plant in Fuxin, Shanghai Zaiqi is capable to do process development and optimization and production scale-up to hundreds of kgsand multi tons on non-GMP basis at a competitive market price. The Fuxin manufacturing plant is ISO9001 approved and can offer a completed set of quality documents and records.



What documents can Shanghai Zaiqi offer in logistic and delivery?

Per our SOP and customer’s specific requirements, we can offer the following logistic and production documents:

-- Certificate of Analysis (COA);

--TSE-BSE statement;

-- MSDS;

-- Shipping documents including invoices, packing list, AWB/BL;

-- *Spectra and Method of Analysis (MOA);

-- *Route of Synthesis (ROS);

-- *Batch record;

-- *Stability data;

Note: marked with asterisks are provided on customer’s demand.

What’s Shanghai Zaiqi’s quality policy?

With advantage of Quality Management System ISO9001 which was taken into effective since early 2016, we strictly conform to SOP in daily operation of the whole company, from purchasing to administration, from R&D to logistics. After one year’s implement, we benefit a lot in terms of traceability. We found we progress a lot in internal management and work effectiveness.



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Should you're in need of 2,3,4-trifluorophenylaceticacid 243666-12-8, welcome to contact Zaiqi Bio-Tech. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China and we have many professional vendors spread around the world to serve you at any time.
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