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Acrylic Market
- Feb 01, 2019 -

First, the domestic acrylic acid price trend

This week, the acrylic factory ex-factory price was mainly increased slightly. The average domestic acrylic acid ex-factory price was 12030 yuan/ton at the end of the week, which was 0.50% higher than that at the beginning of the week. The domestic acrylic enterprise factory price rose 13.13% year-on-year.

Second, the market analysis

Products: This week's acrylic acid factory price is basically stable, and is currently in a stable consolidation state. As of this weekend, the price of satellite petrochemical acrylic products is stable at 12,700 yuan / ton, refined acid 12,900 yuan / ton; Shandong Kaitai acrylic acid is currently acid and The price of refined acid was 11300 and 11600 yuan/ton respectively. In terms of acrylic acid market price, the East China region is mainly at 10,900-11,000 yuan/ton, the North China is at 10,900-11,400 yuan/ton, and the South China price is at 11,700-11,800 yuan/ton. The current overall trend is mainly stable and small.

Industry chain: This week, major acrylic companies have maintained a stable state. As for the acrylic acid market, some suppliers have loosened slightly and lowered their offers. However, downstream users have not given a positive response. The market transactions have been slightly stalemate and there is a wait-and-see attitude. Overall, this week, affected by the downstream wait-and-see attitude, some downstream users have become weaker, the buying operation is cautious, and the purchasing intention is slightly flat.

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